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Top 6 Things to do in Pune for solo travellers

Being a cultural hub of Maharashtra, Pune features stunning historical monuments and eye-pleasing landscapes that mesmerises travellers every year with its beauty. Not just beautiful landscapes, Pune also provides its tourists, fun things to do on their getaways. And while there are so many activities that the city has to offer, certain activities are perfect for a solo trip. Yes, there are a few activities that you can do alone and cherish your me-time in the best possible way. 

Pune has stunning ways to help you treat yourself and re-energise from an exhausting work schedule. Trust me, when I came here to Pune for my first ever solo trip, I did not know how my experience would be. But as I booked the hotels in Pune and landed in the city to start with the journey, I had the most amazing experience you can think of. I tried the following activities on my venture and enjoyed them to the fullest. You can also try these out on your trip!  

Revitalise yourself at Osho Ashram

The meditation area at Osho Ashram

One best way to rejuvenate yourself from life stressors is by meditating at the Osho Ashram. Situated in Kore gaon park road, Osho Ashram has a quiet environment that will help you reduce your worries. If you are an anxious person just like me, Osho Ashram will help treat the same. This ashram is surrounded by lush gardens and a 12-acre park that contribute to the beauty of this place. Providing the best ambience for conducting meditation, Osho Ashram also provides amenities such as open-air restaurants, a spa, pool and walking trails on the exteriors. I tried the spa session of this ashram and absolutely loved the feeling. Besides, it also has a great interior depicting traditional architecture where you can spend the entire day appreciating the intricate details on the walls. Apart from quality meditation, the atmosphere of the ashram also acts as a revitalising factor to detox from a strenuous day.    

Have snacks at Vaishali

The entrance of the Vaishali Restaurant

Initially established as Jagannath Shetty’s Madras Health Home, Vaishali is a legendary South Indian restaurant in town. Its snacks, starting from Mysore cheese masala dosa to Dahi vada are the best in town. You can come here during the daytime and savour some of the best South Indian delicacies served here. I tried Dahi vada as it is my favourite but you will also get a lot of variety to try here. At Vaishali, you can also praise the serene interiors and merrily enjoy the snacks they provide. Communicating with the locals is another best thing you can do here on your visit.  

Explore Ancient Houses

A glimpse of the Pune Old City

Since Pune is an amalgamation of history and modernity, you will see both modern buildings and historical buildings in the streets of Pune. Pune Old City has the required essence to please your eyes, seeking for historical exploration. Being a history buff myself, I can say Pune Old City has a charm of its own. You can stroll by the crevices of this city to fulfill your quench for history and also check out the hidden places for a delightful experience. Besides, you can also take a snap of these places like I did and show them off to your friends to illustrate your experience in the best way possible. 

Visit Karla Caves

Interiors of Karla Caves 

Karla Caves are one of the best in town in terms of its vivid interior detailing. Located in Elvira Devi Road, Karla Caves depicts the finest instance of man-made caves. The cave has a beautiful interior and the shrines are its highlights. Also, arched entrances, Buddhist halls and prayers are the remarkable features of Karla Caves. Even though Karla caves have so many distinct features that attract visitors from all over the world, I was awestruck at the beauty of the “Grand Chaitya” or the largest hall of the era that is located here. You can come here between 9 am to 7 pm and get lost in its architectural beauty.

Enjoy the beauty of Vetal Hill

The famous trek point of Vetal Hill 

If you are at Pune, do not miss the sight of this stunning city from Vetal Hill. Vetal Hill provides an incredible panoramic view of Pune from its peak. The sight of the Pune city from such a height is too good to miss. Here, you will also find a Vittala temple where you can pay homage to Vithoba or the creation of God Vishnu. Besides, if you love trekking, you can also opt for it in this location. From a personal experience, I can say that you will have a fab time trekking here! Best viewed in the morning, you can also come here in the afternoon and witness the sunset view at solace. 

Experience paragliding in Kamshet

Paragliding at Kamshet

Situated near a hill station in Pune, Kamshet is the ideal place to bring out the childhood desire of flying with the birds. Yes, at Kamshet, Pune, you can experience the same feeling by paragliding. You can enjoy the top view of Pune while simultaneously serving your adrenaline rush. Besides, you can fly with the birds at 2200 feet of height and get a feel of touching the sky. Since I was new to paragliding, I was assisted by experienced paragliders for this mind-blowing adventure. I suggest, try this activity once and see the difference it makes to your solo trip.  

While Pune has several fun activities to provide to its guests, these are the best ones you can experience here for solo travel. So, plan your next getaways in Pune and go on a date with yourself by indulging in these thrilling activities.