Tourist Diaries: Where To Find Real Italian Food In Orlando

Going out in Orlando Florida is always a treat. There are so many fun things to do when visiting this famous city. From the theme parks to the outdoor attractions, it’s hard to get bored in Orlando. If you’ve spent the day hitting up hot spots like Giraffe Ranch and Gatorworld, you may be wondering where to go to eat. After such an eventful day, only the best restaurant Orlando has to offer will do.

There’s a good chance that you’ve probably worked up quite the appetite. After all, there’s so much to do and see in a day in this magical city. You probably want to find a restaurant that offers comforting food that will fill you up but also keep your soul happy. In this case, only an Italian meal will do. Luckily there is an amazing selection of Italian restaurants Oralando. However, when it comes to Italian food, nobody does it quite like Christini’s. 

The Best Italian Food In Orlando Florida

When you’re dining with a group, Italian food is the best type of restaurant because there really is something for everyone’s taste. Italian culture is envied worldwide, and their food is appealing to almost all taste buds. When you want a classic Italian meal in Orlando, Christini’s is the only place to go.

They have skilled chefs who make authentic Italian dishes. Your tastebuds will think they’ve travelled to Italy. You won’t believe you found such true Italian dishes in a city known for citrus fruit. Their Zuppa del Giorno tastes like it was scooped right out of grandma’s pot. Nowhere else in the state has real Italian food that can compare to Christini’s fine cuisine.

Everything made in their kitchen follows a true Italian recipe. Even the sausage in the Rigatoni alla Zozzona is homemade. While many franchise restaurants will heat up a slice of frozen lasagna and call it Italian, the chefs at Christini’s take extra care with every dish they make. While you may not be able to fly out to Italy to enjoy some homemade ravioli, you can get the next best thing in Orlando.

They Didn’t Lie About Christini’s

When they said Christini’s was the best Italian restaurant in Orlando Florida, they weren’t exaggerating. You can taste the love this work family has for their food with every bite. One bite of their famous Pollo al Marsala and you’ll want to turn into a lifelong customer. While their food is out of this world, they really step things up with their atmosphere as well.

Italians are known for going the extra step with their decorations and entertainment to create the most exquisite dining atmosphere. To them, dinner isn’t just a meal, but a whole experience. This is why it’s so common in Italian culture to eat dinner with family and friends. There usually isn’t one meal made for dinner, but rather a whole entire spread. Nobody knows how to dine quite like the Italians do.

Another thing Italians pride themselves on is their pairing. They always have a wine list that compliments their meals perfectly. Whether you’re a fan of red or white, they will be able to recommend the best one to go with what you’ve ordered. After all, your beverages are just as important as the meals. When you’re in Orlando, don’t miss out on a night at Christini’s.