Eric Painter Discusses Travel Destinations if You’re a Sports Fan

Eric Painter has spent years examining fun and engaging places to visit. As a huge sports fan, he has gone to come of the biggest and most important sports destinations in America. If you’re into sports and want to take a vacation that will engage you, it is important to seriously consider these options. Each will provide you with many unique benefits beyond your anticipation.

Eric Painter Examines Sporting Vacations

Eric Painter knows that sports fans will always take a trip to their favorite team’s home city and get a look at their stadium. Exploring your local stadiums may also be a fun idea, too! If you have any minor league or pay-to-play leagues in your area, you can visit these areas to see how they operate. Often, they’re quite quirky and surprisingly fun places to stop during your sports-oriented trip.

But let’s pull back seriously and examine some of the coolest places to visit if you’re a sports fan. First of all, Indianapolis is a surprisingly sporty town, with the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway. However, you can also check out the Colts football team and even check out some local basketball. Nothing is bigger in the cornfields of Indiana than corn!

While you’re in the midwest, you might also take a jog over to Ohio. While this might be surprising to some, Eric Painter knows that Ohio has some amazing sports destinations. Basketball and football fans can check out Cleveland to see Cavalier or Browns football games. They can also visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame, located near Canton an hour away from Cleveland to get a great experience.

If you’re not into football and like more esoteric sports, there are many different places you can visit not far from Ohio. For example, a short drive down to Kentucky will get you into Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is home of the Louisville Slugger, an important part of baseball history. You can explore the museum here to see how these bats impacted the development of this sport.

Beyond that, Eric Painter of Texas also states that you can check out the Kentucky Derby while in Louisville. The derby is a wild event and, if you’re not into it, you can instead check out the museum located nearby. This museum isn’t far from the Muhammad Ali cultural center. Honestly, Louisville may need to be the first stop for any sports fan heading towards the south!

What if you want to get out of America and see other parts of the world? That’s always a possibility! Many people take trips to London to visit Wembley Stadium, one of the biggest and most important stadiums in the world. You can watch soccer in this city or even track down a real cricket tournament. There’s nothing in this universe like seeing a cricket match lie in London!

While you’re visiting, you may also take a trip down to Wimbledon in the southwest sector of London. Eric Painter emphasizes that this area and its amazing court serve as the cornerstone of the tennis world. You can get an amazing experience either attending a game here or just checking out the museum to learn more about the history of this always popular sport.